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Sharmista Paul

A Hopeless Nomad, a pathetic Writer and an Artist

At the end of the day we’re all alike, searching for something that we might never be able to find, but atleast we know that our heart is still beating, that we are still alive. That tomorrow, when the morning comes again, we might rise and shine and keep striving. Striving till the end of make beliefs and smile, smile at our own joys and woes.

In a way or so we are all exhausted. We struggle a lot to find peace within us, to become comfortable in our own skin. To understand the very fact that peace isn’t the absence of misery and adversity, but an adverse allocution followed by a treaty signed between all of these feelings agreeing that they will cause no more traumas and not be a threat to our survival.

“And for a lifetime we keep striving to find words and colors that could be fused together to add more meaning to everything in our lives, only to realise that meaning itself is a vague concept lacking of any conceptualized definitions!”

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“A storm is building in the interiors of my body, where I feel the soul resides. I’m afraid that it shall break all the walls I had been building all these years, Making me vulnerable to my own truths and emotions I had been hiding for too long. That it shall not obligate with the customs the society had been creating for centuries. That it’ll drown everyone with it, the ones that know to only float on the shallow waters and those that never dive deeper into the oceans of knowledge might not survive this storm. That it will break all the barrier that hindered the light to come in, that it will make believe, that no matter what, we are all beautiful in our own ways.”

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